20 facts about google Maps that you do not know

We all use Google Maps as a practical tool in our daily lives. But are you sure you know all there is to know about the device?


This article will share 20 strange facts about the device that you might not have known.

Strange facts

  1. There have been more than 23 million downloads of the mobile app version of Google Maps
  2. More than five million websites use Google Maps
  3. Google Maps was the map infrastructure component of 2 out of 3 mapping apps in the world
  4. Google Maps delivers more than 150 million information pieces per week
  5. Google Maps uses more than 5 MB of data per hour
  6. Google Maps is the most popular navigation map in the word
  7. The app has more than 260 million monthly users.
  8. In the US, searching for “homes” returns all the homes for sale in the area.
  9. If you search for ”*” in Google Maps, all local businesses are shown.
  10. It is possible to have your house blurred on Google Maps if you request it.
  11. If you press the number 3 while in Google Street view, you are presented with a cyan 3D view.
  12. A gaming app lets you walk around Google Street view and shoot people.
  13. In Google Steet view, it is possible to see where the traffic in the area that you are currently driving in
  14. Google uses Android phones to collect traffic data for Google maps if you have allowed it to do so in your phone settings.
  15. You can see those and shipwrecks, including the Titanic, on Google Maps
  16. Google Maps was initially launched as a Google Eart viewer
  17. More than 7000 people work on Google Maps as either contractors or as Google employees
  18. Google map has 20 petabytes of data. That is the capacity of more than 358,000 iPhones
  19. Google updates satellite images every two weeks
  20. The Google Street View cars that collect the data have 15 lenses and use campers with a 65-megapixel resolution