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9 new b2b prospecting tools that generates leads seamlessly in 2022

For many, cold calling is the most depressive activity you can engage in. It requests persistence and stamina. And for each successful generating a leed, you would have talked to hundreds of people who are not interested in your service.


So why do cold calling when you can automate your prospecting processes? You all know Sales navigator, Lusha, and such other tools. But do you also know the tools that are up and coming? The next Slack, Dropbox, or Hotjar.


In this article, we will go through 9 different prospecting tools that can help you automate your sales processes in different ways.


Some tools can help you find leads, collect contact information like email, phone number, company size, LinkedIn profile, and much more.


Others can collect data, and others have a process perspective and can help you engage with your potential prospects in new and smart ways, using sales automation.


Sales prospecting tools

There is one way to boost your b2b sales prospecting and that is to automate your sales processes. In other words, you should look for automation tools.


The nine tools in this article help your sales teams do this in different ways. Some focus on lead generation, others on how to find the right decision-makers at the right time, others on advanced search on LinkedIn to help you find your potential customers.

What 9 B2B prospecting tools should you try in 2022?

We have selected nine different, that we think is the best b2b prospecting tools that have come out in recent years. All of them are tools that help you automate your b2b prospecting in different ways:

  1. Ernst
  2. Findhatlead
  3. Exactbuyer
  4. Kaspr
  5. Kaddara
  6. Bant
  7. Salesbooster
  8. ChamplisKaddara
  9. Listki

b2b sales prospecting


Ernest is an AI-based sales assistant. Meaning the tool helps sales professionals find opportunities based on their past prospects and industry.


The way it works is that the tool scans your g-mail account, it then finds potential customers and composes a draft message to them based on your previous email activities.


The tool can also find prospecting based on your previous mail activities.


The way Ernst will work will help you save time and let you have a more intelligent sales automation flow than what is possible with conventional email outreach tools.


Ernest is still in beta mode, so there is no pricing available yet. You can however sign up for early access to the tool.


Best sales prospecting tools
b2b sales prospecting



Find That Lead is a Chrome Extention that lets you find lead data from LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Twitter, or a regular website. This makes it possible for you to collect cold call email addresses to fuel your sales pipeline. The tool works by matching company contact details with their database and providing you with qualified lead data.


Unline competitor tools like Lusha, this platform also lets you send automatically composed emails to the new prospects.


Pricing starts at $50 per month for 5000 credits.



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 3. Exactbuyer


Exactbuyer is a different kind of sales prospecting tool that focuses on real-time data updates so you have the best possible data quality. This means that they claim 100% accuracy on their email quality and 90% on their phone number quality.

The secret behind their success is that they monitor more than 20 million companies and collect more than 150 different data points. So if quality data for your email marketing is a key parameter then this tool could be worth visiting.

The tool works as a Chrome extension that lets you access their database directly from your browser whenever you visit a website that could be of interest to you.


Thre is no pricing on their website.



B2b prospecting tool
best b2b prospecting tools

 4. Kaspr


Next on our list of B2B prospecting tools is Kaspr. Kaspr helps you do b2b prospecting by providing phone numbers and email addresses via a chrome extension. So an email finder that works very much like Find That Lead. The tool focuses just on Linkedin. You can get data from Linkedin and engage in dialog on the Linkedin platform directly via Kaspr. This means that Kaspr can be used both as a b2b prospecting tool, a marketing tool, and as a HR recruitment tool.


Pricing starts at €30 for 50 credits. There is no free trial.



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 5. Kaddara


Kaddara is different than the other prospecting tools on the list because it lets you collect leads from a website with just one click. In other words, automation of the first part of the prospecting process.


Kaddara is a one-click data cooling tool that lets you extract leads, product data and monitor your competitor’s activities. Being a one-click tool means that anyone can use it to collect data from sites that contain prospecting data.


Kaddara has hundreds of pre-built templates that let you select a website and then collect the leads with just one click, using the chrome extension.


Kaddara works with familiar platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter but also on sites like Google Maps. Google Maps is a great place to collect local B2b contact details, such as restaurants, retail shops, or clinics.


The data is delivered as Excel files, so they can be easily imported into any business software.


Kaddara offers a free trial. Pricing starts with just $9 and spans to $49. An enterprise version is also available.



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6. Listkit


The next of our prospecting tools is Listkit. They claim to deliver hyper-personalized B2B contact lists delivered straight to your inbox – within 24 hours. What this means is that you submit an order, manually verify your requirements, and deliver a high-quality outreach list to you. So their business model is a mix between Software As A Service and a consultancy business.

So if your sales process is outbound sales, then you should consider such a solution.


Pricing starts from $150 for 100 contacts.

ListKit – Manually Verified, Personalized B2B Prospect Lists



Linkedin sales navigator
B2b Sales prospecting

  7. Bant

Bant claims to be an all-in-one lead generation & sales acceleration service that helps automate your customer acquisition with data-driven experiments. What this means for you is that they identify your ideal customers, start a data-driven campaign, and send you the collected leads.

In other words, you automate and outsource your outbound sales processes. Like Listkit this business model makes Bant a hybrid between a Software As Service business and a consultancy agency.


Pricing spans from $795 for an email outreach campaign.



Linkedin sales navigator
Best sales prospecting tools

 8. Salesbooster

Salesbooster is a sales automation tool and a consultancy service. This means that you basically describe your ideal target audience to them. They then find your prospects and start a sales automation process that consists of a series of personalized emails in order to boost their response rates. So in reality, you outsource your marketing and sales activities to Salesbooster.


Pricing starts at €3500 which could sound expensive if you compare it to a software solution, but not so much if you compare it to the work hours it would take your team to do the same job.

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Chrome extension

9. Champlist

If your sales reps are looking for alternative ways to do lead generation, then here is a new approach.


This concept is as simple as it is brilliant. It basically monitors when c-level executives change position and gives you a notification on when this happens. Why?


Changing position often means more power or different job scope. This makes it likely that you are open to new ideas and approaches to how to solve your new tasks.


Some salesmen call this to be in the Zone. Meaning you are open to talking to vendors.


So Champlist notifies your prospects and lets them know when they are in the zone. And lets you know when, so you can take appropriate action onB2b prospecting tools.


Pricing starts a $99 per month and that includes 1000 leads. There is no free version.


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Conclusion – What is the best B2B prospecting tool?

By now you have seen 9 different new tools that candidate as the best sales prospecting tools. Hopefully, you have been inspired to see that sales and marketing are more than LinkedIn sales navigator. can help you boost your sales. Sales navigator


So with one is the best b2b prospecting tool? It depends on what you are looking for, how your business is run. So there is no winner, but we du suggest you try one or more of them as they for sure can help your sales and marketing efforts to improve.