Competition Data

Understand your competitors market actions

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Kaddara helps you understand your competitors market actions by providing real-time data on their activities in a dashboard.
You will get access to your competitor’s products, prices, website, social media, and newsletter actives.

Before and after

Base your product and sales actions on sporadic competitor information

Realtime overview of core competitor sales and marketing data

Spend time monitoring competitor online activities

Automated competitor surveillance

Know of competitor marked changes too late.

Realtime notifications on competitor price, feature, and product changes

Unstructured knowledge on your competitor's social media strategies

Overview over competition social media actions and priorities

Sporadic knowledge of competitor staff changes

Realtime info of new hires, fires, and promotions


Product, feature, and price changes

You will get notifications on product, feature, and price changes, including a before and after view of the change.

Monitor price, features and product launches

Realtime alerts for competitor actions

generate b2b sales leads

Staff changes

Get notified on competitors’ new hires, who have let the company, and who has been promoted.

Monitor who left, joined and job changes

Set up realtime alerts for changes

Social Media strategy and actions

Choose to see the competitor data across your competitors or dive into a single competitor’s activities.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram in one dashboard

Monitor and compare changes in posts and followers

generate leads
sales and marketing teams

Website monitor

Monitor your competitor’s website and get notified when they launch new content.

Know when new pages or posts are published

Real-time notifications of new content.

Single competitor or comparison view

Choose to see the competitor data across your competitors or dive into a single competitor’s activities.

High level management view

Deep dive on a single competitor actions

scrape data


Know the distribution frequencies and content statists of your competitors.

Distribution time and date statistics

Compare content data across competitors

Automated Marked Intelligence

Real-time competitor surveillance and leads collection as a service