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How to get data from Google Maps into excel with one click

It is possible to extract leads and business information from Google Maps into excel with just one click. Here is how.

data from google maps

The simplest way of getting Google Maps data into Excel

The simplest way to get Google Maps data is to you a browser-based plug-in. A plug-in can help you automate the collection of data from your google search and save it as an Excel file.


This makes it possible for you to work with your search result in a data-driven manner.


In this example, we use the Kaddara tool. It allows you to do the collection with just one click. Following this simple three-step flow:

  •  You select the Google Maps Widget in the Kaddara portal. The portal then opens Google maps on your behalf.
  • You then type in your search query. It could be “Banks in Manhattan”, and select how many results you need (from 10 to 300)
  • The system then collects the data and sends the result to you as an email with an attached Excel file.

In other words, a simple and easy way to get the data you need. You can see a demo of the Kaddara app, or try it for free here:


Se demo app

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Maps to excel

Available data

When you look at data there are always two parameters to consider; quality and quantity.


Quality is how accurate and valid is the information you extract and quantity is the kind of data you can extract. In general, Google Maps is quite good on both parameters.

data from google maps

Data quality

The kind of data you can collect depends on what the business you collect has included in their Google My Business account.


Most businesses – especially the ones with local customers – have a high self-interest in keeping this data accurate and up to date. Many of their customers use Google Maps and Google My business to find them, so they are keen on getting the data and their presentation as professional as possible.


So expect the quality, in general, to be high.

Maps to excel

Data quantity

Google Maps has a set of default fields that can be shown in a Google Maps business search:

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Contact email addresses
  • URL

You could also get data that lets you know more about their business, such as:

  • Opening hours
  • Reviews
  • Social media link
  • Business photos

maps to excel

If you use Google Maps for B2B lead generation, then you would probably find it interesting that phone numbers and e-mail addresses often are included in a data extract, and this makes Google Maps a valuable source for local lead generation.


Your alternative to Google Maps would be business portals like Yahoo, Yelp, or Yellow Pages. They are also great, so consider them too in your prospect building effords.

maps to excel

Why get Google Maps data into Excel

You properly have good reasons why you need to import Google Maps data into Excel, but there might be more reasons for you to do so than you first have imagined.


So as an inspiration, we have collected a list of possible use cases for how you can work with data from google maps.

maps to excel

Getting local prospects

One core reason why many businesses are interested in google maps data is to do local-based prospecting. Either on behalf of customers as an agency or as part of your sales and marketing activities for your own business.


Google Maps are a great source to find retailers, clinics, restaurants, and other locally based businesses. So if you sell to locally based customers. this is a great way to get to find them.

maps to excel kml file

Analytical mapping

You could also have a more analytical approach to the data you can collect from Google maps.


Let’s say you are doing research and need to evaluate where to focus and who you would target from a strategic perspective. You would look for trends, distribution, business density to evaluate business feasibilities.


In such a case, Google Maps could be a great source of information that can help you make data-driven desicions.

Maps to excel kml file

Marked research

It could also be that you know where to focus, and you need to have a more operational marked research perspective. Google maps data can help you here too to get a data-driven approach to your sales and marketing activities.

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Conclusion – how to get data from google maps

The answer to the question “Can you extract data from google maps?” is yes. The Kaddara plug-in lets you do so with no code and just one click. It can even be downloaded for free, so you can try it risk-free.


And once you realize what it means to be able to export Google Maps data in an excel spreadsheet, then you would properly start looking into how to use such data for your business in new ways.


The Kaddara extension can be installed in your Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser for free. This plan lets you download 100 leads per month. If you need more than that, prices start at just $9 for a paid plan.