How to get data from Google Maps with one click

It is possible to extract data from Google Maps as an Excel file with just one click. Here is how to do so.

The easy way to get data from Google Maps with one click

There are many tools that let you collect data from google maps. Most of them are designed for people with tech skills, and this means that it can be tricky to configure them in an easy way.

However, it can be possible for a nontech person to get the data you need with a new tool called Kaddara. This tool is different because of its focus on UX and ease of use. This means that you can collect data from google maps with just one click.

Kaddara is different, in this way, it has been designed with Usability as the most important feature so that people who are not interested in tech configurations can use the tool.

Kaddara can collect data from google maps with just one click. Here is how;

You simply start by opening the Kaddara browser plug-in. Here you select the Google Maps widget and it will open Google Maps for you. You then make a search and select how many leads you need to extract. That’s it.

You will then get your data as an excel file in your mailbox, or you can download it directly from your browser.

So a simple easy to use no-code approach. You can even use Kaddara for free, and if you select a paid plan, then you should know that they start at just $9 per month.


Other Kaddara features

Kaddara is a one-click collection of online data tools. This means that you can use it to collect much more than just Google Maps data. The tool has four focus areas:


  • Leads collection
  • Product and price collection
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Bespoke automation


Leads collection

This part of the tool contains more than 100 templates that let you collect leads from various online sources. Some will be familiar to you, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp, and Yellow pages. Others are new for you to discover, like the latest conferences sites from Las Vegas, or the other conference exhibitors around the world. In other words, many new ways for you to do data extraction to fuel your sales funnels.

Product and price collection

This part of the application lets you extract product and price data from various websites and portals. Some you know, others will be new to you. Like the leads collection part. You can access more than 100 different templates that let you extract the data you need with one click.

Competition monitoring

The competition monitor lets you follow how your competitor’s business evolves. This is done by monitoring a set of key parameters online that reflects how their business is run.

The elements include:

  • Change or updates of the core corporate website pages
  • Changes in personal status on LinkedIn
  • Monitoring their social media accounts
  • Monitoring of their newsletters and their performance

Custom-made automation

Kaddara is built as an RPA platform that lets you do front-end automation tasks.

This means that you will be able to build your own automation than can do much more than import data from Google maps and other online portals. Some of the features include:


  • Import Excel into any business system
  • Copy and paste data from one business form to multiple others
  • Monitor any webpage or site for any changes.
  • Smart notifications
  • Multiple users and multiple user workflows

All the features are available in the free version. The paid versions award you with more usage of the platform. The prices start at just $9 per month.

You can try a demo version of Kaddara on this link, or sign up for a free account here.


Conclusion – how to get the best out of the Google Maps platform

Google Maps is a great source for getting B2B leads on local businesses. With Kaddara you now has a great way of getting access to the data in a simple and user-friendly manner. Getting the data as Excel files also means that you can include them in any business system for whatever reason you need.

About the author

This article was written by Per Damgaard Husted, the founder, and CEO of Kaddara. Per is also the author of the book AI for CEO, which lets you know how to use AI from a business perspective. Per has been building e-commerce solutions since 1999.