How to get Leads from google maps with one click

How to get Leads from google maps with one click

Getting B2B leads from Google maps can be a fast track to collecting local leads. Google maps is a great source because most local businesses are interested in having accurate data on Google Maps. You might just think of email addresses, but as you are about to lead, there are many other options if you learn to use this tool for sales and marketing purposes.

Why get leads from Google maps with one click

If you work with sales or marketing, you know that getting leads is the key to driving new customers to your business. In other words, business leads for lead generation.

In that case, you would be interested in company information such as phone numbers and business leads, meaning the name and address of who to contact. You might also be interested in the URL from their website, so you can check out what kind of business they are running.

How do I get data from google maps?

You get data from Google maps by using a web scraper. A web scraper lets you download leads from your browser. The system will either create a CSV file or an Excel file automatically for you. In this way, you can easily import the content into any business system. You can even get to do this for free, if you use a tool like Kaddara.

Google Maps is a goldmine

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Google Maps is a goldmine of data because you can expect to be able to collect valuable, accurate, and up-to-date business information. The data on a business on available google maps are:


  • Contact information
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • website URL
  • Social media links such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Reviews


You can also get links to any web page or even multiple pages if you use an advanced scrape tool to get google maps data.

How do I extract the data?

The extraction can be done easily. Please look at this included video that shows how to get information about pizza places in New York. The extraction only takes a few minutes, and as you can see in the video, all you have to do is select the number of leads you need to collect and scrape from Google maps.

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Suppose you run businesses that target local B2b businesses such as retail stores, clinics, or other kinds of locally run businesses. In that case, there is no way out of using Google Maps for extracting data.


It is the source that is most accurate and competes with information, and the data is easily accessible using a web scraper built for the purpose.


Nothing generates results better than using this approach to get the contacts. You can even use a tool such as Kaddara for free. In this way, you can generate new business with ease. And if you are a marketing agency, it can be a shortcut to save time and create valuable services for your clients. Some of the information you can get at as a CSV or excel file is:


Page info, map coordinates, email addresses. Some tools let you scrape this for free.


So there is no reason not to start collecting the b2b leads that can take your business to the next level

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About the author

This article was written by Per Damgaard Husted, the founder of Kaddara. Per is a serial entrepreneur and best-selling author. He has written the book AI of CEOs and founded Cognifirm and Canecto before starting with Kaddara.

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