Leads from Google

How to get leads from Google Maps with one click

If you target B2B leads in a specific geographical area, then Google Maps would most likely be your number one source.


The reasons being. Most local businesses have registered their business info in different online channels and business portals. The first one they select would always be google maps.


It simply makes business sense for a small business since they know their potential users will search via Google Maps to find hairdressers, carpenters, or whatever business they are in.


12 million small businesses on Google Maps


There are more than 70.000 searches on Google Maps. Per second. Small business owners know that a Google Map search is a valuable business lead for them.


So the channel is essential to them, and this means the information is most likely complete and up to date. There are more than 12 million small businesses on Google Maps today.

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Lead generation


You as a marketeer have some additional benefits using this approach to get B2B leads. First of all, it is easy to find and create relevant searches that let you spot your potential leads.


You simply enter your search keyword such as hairdresser in Manhattan. A list will show all the contact information you need to spot all hairdressers in Manhattan.


There might be missing a few that has not updated their Google profile, but they are probably not worth targeting anyway. In other words, this search is a very valuable lead generation source.


So far, so good. Your next step would be to automate your B2B lead collection process so that it fits into your sales funnel.


Getting leads from Google Maps


To get leads from Google Maps into your business systems requires that you collect – or scrape your Google Map search results.


To do this, you need a web scraper or hire a consultant to do the job for you, so you can get data from Google Maps.


Web scrapers have been on the market for many years, but they have been quite complicated to set up if you don’t have tech experience.


This why Kaddara has create the one-click web collecting tool. The tool makes it possible to collect data from any website with just one click, including data from Google Maps.


Because your next step now would be to take Google Maps data into your sales funnel.

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A simple and easy to use tool


We designed the solution to be as simple as possible for two reasons:


  • If you are a marketer, then you would prefer to spend your time working with customers, not understanding new tech solutions.


  • Your time is valuable, and it should be spent where it makes the most value.


Kaddara is smart because it lets you use prebuilt templates that are targeted to work with the most popular B2B portals and websites.


Prebuild templates and one-click download


You do this by using a prebuilt template that only requires you to select your source and how many leads you need. Then the platform does all the work for you. This link takes you to a demo account that lets you explore the platform.


So Kaddara is a new and simple way to collect leads from a site like Google Maps.


However, as you start to use the tool, you will soon discover many new B2B lead sources that you might never have discovered yourself.


Your target groups probably attend seminars, exhibitions, and trade fairs. Kaddata has identified such events and can collect leads from them too.


Kaddara has more than 100 prebuild leads collection templates that can be used to get B2B leads for all kinds of online sources.


If you need the inspiration to find B2B leads, we suggest you go to this article that gives you a rundown of the top 100 sites from which to collect B2B leads.


How do I get the leads from Google Maps?


You get the data as an Excel file that can be imported into any CRM system. The file contains the contact information that is posted by your prospects. Most often, the core data will be:

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Contact email addresses
  • URL

You could also get data that lets you know more of their business, such as:

  • Opening hours
  • Reviews
  • Social media links
  • Business photos

As you can see, this is more than enough to get you started with feeding your sales funnels. You should, however, note that the collection from Google Maps requires that the prospect businesses have updated their google account with the contact information.


Normally this is the case, but as with anything else, exceptions do occur.


Ecommerce data with one click


Kaddara also lets you collect eCommerce data from sites such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. This is great if you are in the market for new products, need competitors’ prices, or are looking for new business partners.


The eCommerce section of Kaddara works the same way as the lead section. You have more than 100 e-commerce sources to choose from. Product data can be collected with a one-click operation, just as with leads data.


Social Media leads with one click


Kaddata not only works for Google Map searches, it also lets you collect data from different social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook Reddit.


Try for free


You can sign up for Kaddara for free or try the demo to see how many lead sources you can get access to with a one-click download using the scraping tool. The free version lets you extract data for 100 business leads per month free. The paid plans start from $9 per month.




If you target local businesses and you work in a data-driven manner, then you should scrape Google Maps. The Google Maps data that you can get from this is simply so valuable to your business that it is a must for you to do so.


Especially with the new generation of software tools that let you do this with no coding required. All you have to do is do a Google map search, and collect the data with one click.

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