Leads As A Service

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Kaddara fuels your outbound sales strategy with a steady stream of valuable leads. You can choose from hundreds of lead sources that can be downloaded with a single click.

One-click Lead Download Examples

Yellow Pages

Get Company names, addresses, and much more.


Extract business names, contact info, and much more.


Collect your follwers Twitter names, and mutch more.


Download company names, addresses, and much more.


Extract names from your contact and Facebook Groups.

Google Maps

Get local Company names from any Maps search


Download names from LinkedIn groups, companies, and more.

Much more…

Use more than 100 different sources to get B2b and B2C contacts.

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cold calling

Easy access to fresh leads

Discover leads based on your business interests and needs. Easy access to hundreds of lead sources.

Find leads based on your preferences

Search Leads via categories and tags

Collect leads with one click

Download leads as an Excel file with a simple click. No more hassle buying leads or building a web scraper.

Collect leads with one click

Import leads as Excel into any business system

social media
qualified leads

Leads As A Service

Get instant access to as many fresh leads in your target group as you need.

Notification on new leads in your target group

Real-time import of fresh leads

Before and after

Search the web for new leads

Access to hundreds of lead sources

Scrape websites for leads

One-click download

Buy leads as separate files

Access to leads as a service

Obsolete leads from databases

Real-time imported leads

Reimport lead data to look for new prospects

Realtime notifications of new leads from your target groups

Leads as a Service

Real-time access to millions of leads with one click

No Credit Card required