The best Zyte alternative? 9 tools reviewed and tested 2022

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Price: $9 / month

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The Kaddara software is installed in the browser as a web scraping plug-in. It can perform data extraction from any website, using its 100 pre-build templates.

You can get a free version available. Prices for the platform start at $9 per month.

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Price: $189 / month

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The Parsehub web scraping tool is server-based and the software must be installed locally on your PC / Mac.

Features include API and data extraction to Google Sheets, data from multiple sources. ¨

There is a free version available and prices start at $189 per month, making it about half the price of the Zyte starting prices of $450.



Price: $ 75 / month

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The data extraction software is cloud-based and does not require any local installment to run.

Features include a point and click interface, data aggregation from multiple websites, and configurable proxies. You can also do analytics and create an API automatically.

Thee is a free trial available and prices start at $75 per month, which is 20% of the Zytes $450 software solution. Please note that Zyte is an enterprise software solution, this is not the case for Ocitipase which has a more simple solution.

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Price: $150 / month

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The web scraping software is server-based and lets you code your own data extraction integrations with its built-in editor. The tool is designed for developers who can create their own web scraping bots and other kinds of automation.

Features include an STK template, an IP pool, API management, and a web scraping community.

There are a 30 days free plan and prices starts at $ 49 per month, compared to Zytes $450 per month. However Zyte is an enterprise solution and this is Apify not, so they are not directly comparable in that aspect.

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Price: $180 / month

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The software focuses on Web scraping, Proxy, and complex data extraction.

Features on the platform include scraper APIs, proxies, unique IP address, and the ability to extract data fast.

There is no free trial version and the price starts from $180 per month, making it about half the price, compaired to Zyte.

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Price: $ 100 / month

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Next on our list of alternatives to Zyte is AnyBigData. The software platform provides data extraction of web data, data reports, and web scraping. The solution is server-based.

Features include automated reports, automated web scraping, and data extraction.

There is no free trial, and the cost starts from €100 per month. Zyte prices start at $450.

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Price: $299 / month

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The Diffbot Business Intelligence is another alternative to Zyte. The software makes it possible to do market intelligence, news monitoring, machine learning, and bespoke e-commerce solutions.

Features include the use of Machine learning, knowledge graphs, web scraping, and web data extraction from web pages.

There is a two-week free trial and pricing starts at $299 for a monthly plan.

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Price: $400 / month

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The software platform spans from the use of a proxy to extract data, to web scraping via a Chrome Plug-in. So the tool is a hybrid between a server and a local-based solution.

features include 4 different proxy types, web scraping, web data extraction, address extraction and a browser-based solution.

There is no free plan and pricing starts at $75 for a monthly plan.

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Price: $ 150 / month

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Scraperhero is our last alternative to Zyte. The software is designed for structured data extraction, so it is not a conventional web scraping tool. They focus on travel, airline, and hotels.

Features include APIs, premium reports, and prebuild data extraction tools, address extraction.

Thre is a free version available and prices start at $150 for a monthly plan.

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Zyte alternatives

Zyte is a leading online data extraction business. They operate in different areas and we have selected the nine best alternatives to Zyte.

We have selected the 9 most relevant Bright data alternatives. They each compete with different approaches to how Bright data works. So it is very much up to you and your needs which one would be your best option. The core features of the platform are:

Data extraction
Web scraping
Web data extraction
Web data

Address extraction

IP address

structured data

Visual web

EXtraction from different data sources

Data driven Social media data aggregation

Extract data from web pages


Conclusion what are the best Zyte alternatives

Zyte is great for data extraction and address extraction. In fact any kind of job that requires that you extract data.